Sue Captures is a dream between Sue Connor and Dave Davenport. We are partners not only in photography, but in life itself. We spend our time away from work out and about together. We guide and support each other in what we do and see. Our perspectives on a single subject are different which enhances the opportunity to bring forth the best possible image to the viewer. 

Our collections of images are diverse. When we head out with our cameras, we don’t have any one thing in mind. We take photos of what is before us. Each one tells a story, and we hope for it to become evident in our photography. We put a lot of effort into these images that nature can translate into something special for the viewer.  Some may spark a memory, inspire or move you.


Artist’s Statement:

 The glass of our lens is our window that we hope will help express the appreciation that we find in nature. To look through our window gives people an opportunity to witness the beauty they may otherwise may not be able to.