“We have had the pleasure of purchasing some of Sue’s photography and we have hung it in our home. We love the way that she has captured the beauty of nature and the wildlife in their natural habitat. Sue is a truly skilled Photographer, her pictures are not just pictures they are works of Art.”

L. Lawson

“Thank you Sue and Dave for the gorgeous print! It looks great in a frame and really compliments the whole effect . You guys do excellent work. Thanks again.!”

A. Hardwood-Jones

“I have been following Sue on Facebook for a while now and am consistently impressed by the quality of her photography. I have noticed a steady improvement in the quality as she has continued to learn new techniques and upgrade her equipment. A few of her photos in particular caught my eye, so I ordered some prints from her website. These are first-rate photos in terms of lighting and composition. Sue is a true professional who is continuously improving her skills.”

T. Scapillato